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"The 4 Step Formula to an 8 Figure Practice"

Les Simpson

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  • How to Grow from a single Practice to Multiple Practices... Safely

  • The Smartest Method to Multiply the Number of Patients You Can Support with every Practice Location.

  • The Best Contact Methods to Support Your Strategy

  • The Value YOUR Practice Could be Losing by ‘Lost Causing’ Your Patient Database

  • The Numbers to Prove That You NEED To Make Text Messages a HUGE Part of your practice growth Future Plans

  • How Driving Force Can Revolutionize the Way You Interact with Your Patients and Grow Your Practice

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The Proven 4 Step Strategy

This is the 4 step, proven process that our most successful and profitable members are currently using to confidently generate a steadily increasing flow of patient appointments to create a successful thriving practice.

1. Start With Patient Reactivation

One of the most frequently overlooked sources of leads to get those new appointments for your practice: your list of inactive patients. Your dormant list of patients, that you’ve already paid to advertise to and bring through your doors, is a powerful source of new appointments, which in turn means it’s a highly profitable source of new revenue that’s normally all but forgotten and yet can be a powerful tool to your bottom line if handled correctly.

2. Continue Building By Acquiring New Patients

Next, you’ll need to start the process to acquire more new patients, through social media advertising with forever follow-up by real time professional sales agents, to schedule the maximum number of appointments that can be scheduled from a source of brand-new patients.

3. Set Yourself Apart With Celebrity Positioning

The most successful practice owners set themselves apart from their competitors using powerful celebrity positioning. You then need top positioning over your competitors with a published book and then elevating you to celebrity status with a national book launch.

4. Create Real World Wealth

And lastly create real world wealth through empire building strategies.

Now, it's time for you to discover…


Imagine owning, operating, and then cashing in on 5, 10 or 15 practices generating multi-generational wealth for you and your family.

It starts with this book and scheduling your one on one personal demonstration.

Our free ebook “SALESFUZE” will give you unparalleled and scarcely known insights into how you can create and then cash in on multiple practices, give you and your family multi-generational wealth. It all starts with this book.

Why you should download this book:

We’re the $100 million appointment people, that’s why. Our team consistently schedules approximately 4,221 appointments

per day and that happens only because of the people and process we have put in place to help our members to create these kinds of results.

The proper way to fill you appt book month after month with no additional work on your staff

In this book you'll discover:

• The fool proof, fully automated, zero ad spend campaign that reactivates your inactive patients that are currently sitting dormant.

• What every practice owner ought to know about the role their staff should actually fill in their overall marketing system… Hint – you’re probably not using their full range of capabilities.

• The dirty little secrets about HIPAA & TCPA compliance that you may be missing and could cost you dearly in legal fees and damages if you aren’t careful.

• How to get free access to the step-by-step formula to create a one to many seminar profit centers most practice owners completely miss out on.

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